Fine dining in an elegant restaurant
in a recently renovated historic building right by Osaka Castle.

Opened in October 2017,
we are proud to offer three different restaurants spread across two floors,
plus the rooftop in a lovingly restored historic building,
all overlooking the castle keep.
Feast your eyes with a splendid view of the Osaka Castle from our upper floor windows.
Relax in our bar, treat yourself to a lovely lunch,
a delicious dinner or why not host your wedding reception or special event in one of our three restaurants?




Located right by Osaka Castle.

You can enjoy splendid views of Osaka Castle from all three of our restaurants.

An historic building faithfully restored.

Dine in a retro western style atmosphere in a space that in the past proudly welcomed members of the Japanese Imperial household.

Our menus make full use of seasonal locally sourced ingredients.

Fresh meat, fish and vegetables from Osaka and the surrounding area are skilfully combined to create seasonal meals and drinks.


From March 2018 we will also have a rooftop terrace: Enjoy barbequed food with an unparalleled view of Osaka Castle, so close that it feels like it is in the palm of your hand!
Relax on our rooftop with a breath-taking view of the castle, looking directly onto the donjon. Enjoy feasting on specially selected meats and vegetables in comfortable seats. Sit back and relax and experience a great barbeque on our rooftop from March 2018.


Osaka Castle Tower at your fingertips.
View the Castle Tower, Overlooking Osaka Street, while enjoying elegant barbecue!

Historic buildings by the side of Osaka Castle.
A Western-style house engraved with history revives through renovation.
Born to the new Osaka Landmark.

As you go up to the rooftop of the historic building.
The view of the masterpiece who unexpectedly admires.
seems to almost reach Osaka castle tower.

The green of Osaka Castle Park spreading far away,
and Panoramic view of the city of Osaka.
Most beautiful Scenery only here, with delicious barbecue.
Intention to feel the scenery,Leave precious memory.

Special Area

The spectacular view of the nearest Osaka castle tower, Staff cook the barbecue for you,The most luxurious experience, Chef cooking for you by your side, The best Area.

Deluxe Area

Enjoy the Osaka Castle view, experience luxy BBQ by self-style.Enjoy the stylish atmosphere.

・Number of seats: 99
・price: 6,000 yen(With a free Drink)

Standard Area

View Osaka cityscape, end enjoy the natural beauty of Osaka Castle Park.
The best choice for group reservation.

・Number of seats: 180
・price: 4,980 yen(With a free Drink)

Travel around the world in our restaurant in the Osaka Castle district.

Experience luxurious multi-course dining in a historic space in our refined restaurant conveniently located besides the castle keep.
Our menu features a beautiful blend of traditional taste with a modern twist,
creating fine French fusion cuisine. Our menu changes each month to take advantage of seasonal local ingredients,
which are prepared in a French style to take your taste buds on a trip around the world.

From October 11, 2017 to celebrate our opening we offer a special “Hideyoshi” course for a limited period. This 15,000 yen special course honors the legendary shogun Hideyoshi Toyotomi with 11 dishes expertly paired with Japanese sake.

Using ingredients favored by the former shogun, Toyotomi Hideyoshi who established the Osaka Castle in the 16th century, this course serves up fresh French fusion cuisine. Beginning with Amanozake, local rice wine favored by Hideyoshi and many other shoguns and mighty warriors in days gone by, enjoy different types of sake perfectly paired with the course.

Enjoy stylish cocktails that represent the best of modern Japan in a bar

Associated with the story that Hideyoshi used to hold traditional moon viewing parties sipping sake in the golden castle tower, the bar invokes a modern vision of a traditional castle keep. Experience Japanese style sophisticated gold standard service, Imagine you are at a traditional moon viewing party, sipping sake as you sit in the golden castle tower. You unwind with cocktails that make use of cherry blossom, green tea and other traditional flavors.

Restaurant RASPBERRY with MOON BAR


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Open 7 days a week,
lunch served Monday to Fridays only.
LUNCH 11:00~15:00(Last order 14:00)
DINNER 17:00~22:00 (Last order 20:30)
BAR 17:00~22:00(Last order 21:30).
54 seats in the dining area/ 22 seats at the bar and 7 private dining rooms that can accommodate 54 people.
Children welcome – we can provide special seats for infants.
Please don’t hesitate to consult with us regarding vegetarian options.

Take a trip through time in our restaurant
that combines history with the finest in modern hospitality.

Step foot inside a magnificently preserved,
sturdy traditional building that also showcases the best of modern Japanese service,
and unwind with your friends.
Enjoy a luxurious space that has previously been used to entertain royals,
with a high ceiling that gives a chic European feel to the retro vibe.
It is possible to eat in a room that formerly played host to the Emperor.

Lunch 11:00 to 15:00. Last order at 14:00

Our lunch menu is centered on fresh, locally sourced vegetables from the Kansai region. The daily course features a fresh vegetable salad, an appetizer, soup and a dessert buffet. Main dishes typically include grilled local meat or fish dishes and Panini sandwiches with Parma ham.

Afternoon Tea 15:00~17:00(Last order 16:30)

Experience a refined afternoon in the ‘Kihin’ (distinguished guest) room by enjoying afternoon tea served in a nest of boxes, using locally sourced ingredients, carefully crafted together using the best Japanese cooking techniques. Our chef is proud to produce homemade rolls and burgers, 13 different appetizers and desserts and fresh baked items such as scones every day and serve them in the Japanese traditional nest of boxes. Sip specially selected tea produced by Germany’s Ronnefeld or taste as much Japanese green tea and ten types of herb tea as you like.

Dinner 17:00 to 22:00. Last order 20:30

Treat yourself to a dinner of modern Italian cuisine paired with choice sake or local craft beer in a fantastic historic building with a space that combines history with modern amenities. Experience a different atmosphere whilst enjoying afternoon tea, the retro atmosphere is enhanced by subtle lighting to enhance the mood.

White vegetable salad. Made with a creamy gorgonzola sauce combined with a truffle dressing. 1,300 yen

This unusual bright white salad from the Castelfranco region is prepared with high quality Italian vegetables. Made with a delicious creamy sauce that artfully combines truffles with gorgonzola, the final ingredient of this salad is Pecorino, a cheese that is low in salt content, but high in taste.

Seafood Aqua Pazza 2,400 yen

Prepared using thoroughly prepared high quality white fish, this dish has a simple white wine based sauce skilfully combined and cooked together with mussels and clams to bring you a dish rich in flavor.

Iberico ham with lime served in a white ragu sauce 1,400 yen

Made from choice tender pork tenderized in white wine and served with pasta. Our chef adds lime to this dish to bring to deliver a delicate balance of flavors.

Kyoto Hie pork saltimbocca 2,400 yen

A solid pork chop wrapped in raw ham is carefully roasted to enhance the flavor. The sauce is white wine based and also makes expert use of sage and finally butter to bring out the full flavors of this local pork.

Wagyu (Japanese beef) aitchbone tariata 3,200 yen

High quality Japanese beef rump with a great balance of meaty flavor and a delicate taste, served with a salad of rocket and other vegetables. Balsamic vinegar is used to subtly enhance this tasty tariata which is served with sliced parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.

crossfield with TERRACE LOUNGE

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Open 7 days a week.
LUNCH 11:00~15:00(Last order 14:30).
CAFÉ 15:00~17:00(Last order 16:30).
DINNER 17:00~22:00(Last order 21:00).
Seats for 159 guests with four private rooms that can accommodate 30 people and 32 seats on the terrace.
Children welcome and we can arrange special seating for infants.
Please feel free to contact us for vegetarian friendly options.



1-1 Osaka Jo, Chuo Ward, Osaka City,
MIRAIZA OSAKA-JO building (site of the former Osaka City Museum).
Subway Tanimachi Line, Tanimachi 4-Chome Station (exit B1), walk for 15 minutes.
JR Kanjo Line, Osakajo-koen Station, walk for 20 minutes.